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General Enquiries

If you have a question about our videos, or for any other reason you’d like to get in touch, here’s the place to send us a message. For any enquiries about your shop order please email and please include your order number in the email. 

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    VIP Podcaster

    We are collecting a list of specialists from around the globe, who we can potentially contact if we need expert advice in a unique area. If this is you, send us your details!

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      Fill The Gap

      Are you missing a front left tooth? Andy will fill the gap in your face, by loaning you his old fake tooth.

      And while we’re here, Hamish also has a spare mullet wig made from his shaved hair that is stuck together with hairspray. If you’re also bald and require hair, let us know and you can have that on loan too.

      Tell us why you want to loan these valuable assets of ours. And upload a photo showing us your missing tooth, and special consideration for seeing a bald head in your photo.

        Maximum file size 2mb