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The 12 Buffet Commandments

When you’re going to a buffet to try and eat more value than you paid for.

These are the 12 commandments to win on the food Buffet.

  1. Don’t eat for 12 hours before hand, drink a lot of water to keep stomach expanded.
  2. 1 hour before hand take an HCL (hydrochloric acid) tablet or other digestion aid to help break down the proteins.
  3. NO BREAD.
  4. Hit prawns first. Easy to digest protein and with any luck will be gone by the time you’re at dessert.
  5. Use a ton of lemon juice on the prawns. Sure, have some cocktail sauce, but too much sauce can make the digestion sluggish.
  6. Let’s keep drinks to a minimum guys. Plenty of time to have beers this arvo as you’re sleeping it off. They cost money AND fill you up. It’s a double tax.
  7. Move onto carvery meats next and keep your meats in order. Don’t bounce back and forth between meats, you’ll get gassy. Gas = wasted space.
  8. Drink a double espresso halfway through the meal. With any luck this will get your guts moving and you get another crack at the meats.
  9. Eat roast potatoes and starchy foods sparingly. If there is a killer pasta, it should be the last food before dessert as it WILL fill you quick.
  10. Don’t “Leave room for dessert”. You will always have room for dessert. Only finish savory when you’re in a little bit of pain.
  11. Eat as much dessert as possible in a 10 minute window. The excitement of all the sugar will briefly shock your system into forgetting it’s full.
  12. Eat cold desserts last. There is a theory that the coldness may shock the stomach and shrink it.

Good luck out there.

The 12 Buffet Commandments

11 Sep 13
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