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Buy Timomatic’s autograph for $10!

Any good business aims to solve a problem, and Hamish’s new venture is no different.

A girl called Ruby once waited for Timomatic’s autograph, and he never showed! If you’ve had a similar problem, then H-Blake’s Timomatic Autograph Bananza is for you!

For only $10, you can now buy Timomatic’s autograph*!!

Simply transfer Hamish $10 via Paypal, and he’ll send you out the autograph.

*Penned by Hamish

Update 21/03/14: Unfortunately, this small business has gone under! Those few who purchased an autograph will be sent their item within 28 days.

Update 20/05/14: The Hamish Blake Autograph Company has revived!

Update 28/07/14: Now for only $8! Or, Buy 5, get 1 free! Note: There will be no refunds on those $10 autographs previously purchased.

Update 07/08/14: For 1 week only, autographs will come with a limited edition kiss (x).

Update 12/08/14: The $8 price deal has come to an end. Autographs are back to the standard price of $10.

Update 14/08/14: Limited kiss edition autographs have now come to an end.

Update 03/09/14: To celebrate winning two legal challenges we’ve dropped the price to $7.50 for the time being. 25% off!

Update 16/09/14: To celebrate us lodging a trademark on Timomatic, we’ve dropped the price to $6.99 for a limited time!

Update 07/10/14: New legal tax for the Timomatic trademark application now included in the price of $8.

Update 15/10/14: Buy now and you’ll get a special festive edition of a green and red autograph! At the new price of $7.99!

Update 28/11/14: Timomatic will officially take over the Timomatic autograph business at midnight tonight. For this limited time, the last autographs by Hamish are in gold! For the laughable price of $29.95!

Update 29/11/14: The Timomatic Autograph business has been handed over to a capable young man, by the name of Timomatic.

Please Note: All autographs ordered in November will be received by mid-December. Thanks.

18 Mar 14