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Christmas Messages

We know everyone has exactly 11 friends, so we’ve picked 11 photos accompanied by Christmas Greetings for you to send to each of your mates. Here are some delivery options:

  1. Email: Once you’ve opened the photo, right click the middle of it and select ‘Save Image As…’. Attach image to new email.
  2. Facebook: Click the ‘Share’ link under the photo you want to send, in the gallery on our facebook page.
  3. Elf: Save the image like in option 1, print it, find an Elf, put the photo (rolled up) in it’s mouth, whisper the name of the person it’s for and slap it’s bottom 3 times. Your photo will be with that person in between 0.0001 second and 1 second, depending where your friend is in the world.
21 Dec 11