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The Double Riddle

Here’s your chance to win the very rare GOLD (coloured) watch. The first person to solve BOTH our riddles, wins!

Hamish’s Riddle

I am awake when you are asleep,
I have stolen something but I am no thief,
A rich man wants me,
A deaf man still needs me,
I’m impossible to pull apart,
Tell me, would you know where to start?

Andy’s Riddle

There is an increasing tension on the 6 of us,
but we worked together harmoniously.
Hopefully no one snaps.

Entries now closed. Congratulations to Anthony Day for being the first to correctly solve both riddles and become a Watchman!

Hamish’s Riddle answer

DJ Havana Brown.

Andy’s Riddle anwser

Guitar strings.

29 Oct 13