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Frenemies app

Ever wanted to avoid an ex?

A needy girlfriend? …maybe your Mum?

Introducing Frenemies!

  1. Request a Frenemy
  2. Accept a Frenemy request
  3. Track your Frenemy!

You can track their location and receive push notification when they come within 100m of your distance (you can change the distance in settings)

Then follow the instructions to avoid them!

Visit the App Store to install Frenemies for only $1.99.

The only problem with the app is you have to ask your enemy to download it in order to become frenemies and avoid each other. Horgs demonstrates how this is done with an awkward surprise call to one of his enemies:

To celebrate the release of Frenemies, Appster (the company who partnered with us to make Frenemies) is giving away up to $100,000 of app development for the idea that gets the most likes on their Facebook page… so if you’ve ever had a good idea for an app you can enter at

2 Nov 12