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Gushi Gang Leader

On today’s Business Brunch we discussed Childhood Gangs.

Ben from New Zealand was looking to reprise the gang he started, and enjoyed as a 7 year old – the Gushi gang! It naturally dispersed though fading interest, and after trying to join other gangs since, he never again found the same authority that Gushi gave him. Since the original members Daniel and George no longer speak (Ben was the Gushi glue in their friendship), the Gushi gang is now recruiting!

Ben is thrilled to see the return of his childhood gang, saying “It would be kinda cool to reprise the Gushi gang”.

He thinks he can push 40 members, so if you’re interested in applying, go to the Gushi gang website. Yes, all good gangs have a website.

Ben, the Gushi gang leader
Ben, the Gushi gang leader

8 Feb 13
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