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Hamish spots another celeb!

Hey gang. I feel after my Laurie Oaks and Adriana Lima spot you’ve come to expect the finest quality top grade platinum extract 100 proof celebrity spotting from me. And right you should, for I walk these streets for you (great song lyric if anyone wants it). So it’s with great joy I announce my next celebrity spot, to keep the ball rolling.┬áLadies and gentledudes, I got none other than Mr Andy Lee!!! I saw him in Chinatown right here in NYC. My friend in Brisbane said he’s here to do a TV show or something, but I didn’t care (that friend makes stuff up anyway), I was too starstuck. Here’s the proof!

FYI I didn’t really get to talk to him, but you could tell he was super nice and would have smelt great.

13 Jul 11