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The People’s Legend

We’re naming an Australian ski slope after a local hero. You’ve submitted nominations, and we’ve picked the finalists…

  • Marissa: Her husband has never heard her fart. He has been actively listening for 2 years waiting for her to slip
  • Josh: Wants to be honoured to spite his principal who recently had a street named after him for 30 years service
  • Grahame: Playing cricket, he batted for 90 minutes and didn’t make a run, eventually went out for a duck
  • Greg: Fastest person at the school he teaches at. Including students and teachers and casual teachers

Now it’s up to you to decide…
Post update: The poll is closed and the results are in… Marissa winds by landslid- OK, not the best choice of words, Marissa wins by severe majority!!

8 Apr 16