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Warming up for Episode 2

Hey gang, get off the net and get over to that screen you used to be completely in a committed relationship with before computers arrived! (the TV).

Tonight on Gap Year we race reindeers and eat some weird things but by far our lasting memory will be of Hitchhike Racing. We had 24 hours to try and hitchhike as far as we could. It was cold, exhausting, deliriously fun, heartwarming, inspirational, scratchy, smoky, and many other adjectives. Certainly one of the more epic experiences (for, as is often the case, very little reason other than to hold aloft a small plastic trophy). We also launch our new beer tonight!

In fact tonight’s episode is so exciting Andy is putting another layer of protective coating on my traxcedo in this photo so it doesn’t just explode.

We’ll see you at 8 (8:30 regional) guys, it’s going to be a cracker.

21 Jun 12
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